Marketing online is a critical way to spread the word about your company. Whether selling online products or providing services to local communities, your digital marketing strategy is the foundation of a compelling campaign for online advertising. Here are some essential pieces to start your campaign today.

Catalog Your Interactions

How can your customers interact with your brand? Whether you have multiple social media accounts, digital ads and chat functionality on your website or simply a phone number to call, keep track of all the ways your customers interact with your brand. This will be helpful to create a unified brand voice as you begin to refine your marketing campaign.

Consider Your Customers

Before you start creating new social media accounts and content for your website, determine who your intended audience is. Identify as specific of an audience as possible in order to maximize personalization in all your company communication. Once you have an audience in mind, you can determine their needs and how you can meet them.

Of course, you’ll have many customers who don’t fit this exact description. Most marketing campaigns reach a broader audience than expected, but it’s important to have a targeted audience. Most consumers today enjoy products and services that are highly specialized to their particular interests or lifestyle, so a clear intended audience can help you win a particular group to your loyal following.

Create a Conversion Plan

Consider how your current customers typically join your following. Your digital marketing strategy should include ways to help your prospective customers conveniently buy your products, subscribe to your services and become loyal followers.

A plan can be as simple as a single promotional campaign or can be as complex as a series of advertisements and promotions that sync in-store messages with your digital strategy. A conversion plan can be seen as a road map of how you want your customers to ideally interact with your brand.

Measure Success

Once you start creating content for your new digital strategy, you’ll need to understand how your strategy is succeeding. Create goals that are measurable, specific, realistic, timely and attainable for maximum effectiveness. Without goals, you’ll never know whether your marketing campaign is worth the investment.

Digital marketing strategy takes a large amount of upfront work. While the financial investment may not seem as high as other areas of your business, the sheer number of hours makes it an important area to consider outside help or additional financial assistance.