A pay-per-click campaign, or a PPC campaign, can have a huge positive impact on your business. However, these campaigns usually involve a lot of data, which makes it difficult to pinpoint just how successful the campaign is. If you think this type of campaign is right for your business, here is how to measure success.

While there are several ways to measure the success of a campaign, you first must decide what you want most. Do you want to convert leads, beef up your branding, or increase traffic to your website? If the goal was to make more sales, then more traffic to your blog will not be the sole indicator of success. You also need to keep the time frame in mind so you have the best, most useful data available when you examine the campaign in more detail. Here are some other aspects you can use to gauge the success of your campaign.

If you’re looking to gain new customers, the cost of conversion will be significant to you. Securing new customers is notoriously expensive, but if you’re spending more than you earn, you should have a second look at your budget. A related aspect is the conversion rate, in which you examine how many visitors completed an action or responded to your call of action. Examine this area especially over an extended period of time, since you may notice things like seasonal trends. The bounce rate indicates how many people visited and left without completing any activities. As such, the bounce rate can be an indicator that the landing page of your PPC campaign needs work.

If you’re not getting the clicks you want, the problem could be with your ad copy. Be mindful of keywords and the ads of your competition. If you can’t get people to click, the rest is moot. Your click-through rate can help you decide if your ad is eye-catching enough, and your search impression share can help you see how many times your ad was shown because of your budget. If your ad lines up well with search queries and Google likes it, chances are your ad will earn a higher quality score. This can indicate a healthy return on investment and good ad visibility.

Though a PPC campaign has many moving parts, you can dissect these aspects and examine how they all make up your specific campaign and impact your business goals.