Most modern businesses need to utilize digital marketing strategies to thrive in a competitive market. This can mean countless hours of getting the word out to digital users through a variety of formats, including blog posts. Blog posts take time and manpower to construct, so in an ideal world, traffic could be driven to your website without daily or frequent new blog posts. Luckily, there are strategies that can be used to increase traffic to your page without having to create blog material from scratch. Using a few tips, you can increase your viewership using existing material on your page.

Pros and Cons of Frequent Blog Posts

Statistically, posting to your blog several times a week is ideal for maximum page views so frequent blog posts can be the easiest way to guarantee organic traffic to your website. Fresh content can keep users coming back to your site while gaining new followers. Relying on frequent new content alone can have its downsides. Publishing fresh, quality material requires time and manpower in addition to a waiting period while the new content is discovered and becomes more popular in search engines. The new content could also be hit or miss with users.

Repurposing Old Material to Increase Traffic

In contract to new blog posts, old posts that are already tested and proven can be used to drive more traffic to your site. A trick frequently used by blogging professionals but not often discussed, making updates and changes to old material can boost viewership quickly. As a result, this method can be a better use of your blogging time. Viewers who revisit old loved posts can be driven back to your site to see any new material that has been missed since the last visit. New viewers can be drawn to your site due to the already highly-placed search engine queue of your most popular posts.

How To Update Old Posts

Updating your most popular old blog posts is a simple way to draw users back to your site since the posts have already been vetted by search engines as legitimate. The updates can be completed easily in a few steps.

  • Decide which posts to update (should be your popular ones)
  • Fix broken or outdated links
  • Improve wording and add additional word count

Using frequent blog posts for viewership has been the default method for a long time, but the easiest way to increase traffic to your site may be to update your tried-and-true popular blog posts.