It’s no exaggeration that Facebook advertising has revolutionized the way businesses target consumers. Through its ability to pinpoint potential customers by age, demographics or geography, marketers are seeing real return-on-investment with instant analytics to gauge success. While it may be tempting for advertisers to view social media as a limitless field of potential customers, it’s critical to remember that Facebook ads compete for eyeballs just the same as traditional media. Users are subject to countless posts, ads, and articles. Here are some tips to help make your message cut through the clutter.

Be Concise

Consider this: the majority of Facebook users view it as an app on their smartphone. They’re scrolling through their feeds at lightning speed to make sure they aren’t missing out on anything that their friends and family are up to. So, one of the keys to Facebook advertising is being able to get a concise message to come across immediately to stop a smartphone user’s thumb from scrolling.

You don’t have time for elegant copy. You have to tell a story visually and instantly. Striking images with 3-4 short bold words are key. Don’t over-think messaging; if a potential customer pauses to look at your ad, chances are they will click on it, and you’ll have all the time you want to elaborate on your landing page

Understand Your Audience

Just as you must choose striking visuals to get potential customers to respond to Facebook advertising, you must be very clear about who your target audience is. Knowing your desired customer is integral to choosing how to catch their eye.

For example, if you are trying to sell high-end smartphone cases to young professional women, your ad would look very different from one targeting high schoolers. Do your homework and understand what the people you want to see your ad want to see.

Give a Benefit

Let’s say you have a fantastic photo or visual graphic. That’s usually the hard part in Facebook advertising, but sometimes you may find yourself without a great hook for your messaging. In this case, think about what problem your product or service solves. Use the text in your ad copy to explain that in as few words as possible. Still not sure? Go with advertising 101: Offer a discount or promise to save.

Advertising on social media relies on one critical concept: make an impression and do it fast. If you can get a customer’s attention, the rest works the same way as traditional media.